Ground Maintenance

ESNA provides the following ground maintenance services:

Landscape Design

ESNA offers a complete design and consultation service from initial meetings with the client to fully illustrated plans & specifications of plants & materials used. We are able to provide all the necessary machinery and landscape equipment to carry out all landscape work such as:

  • Complete Landscaping Construction
  • Installation of Trees, Shrubs, & Turf
  • Hydroseeding
  • Interlocking Brick Pavers – Walks, Patios, Flower Beds, & Retaining Walls
  • Aqua-Scapes – Ponds & Waterfalls
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Irrigation/Sprinkling System Installation
  • Drainage & Grading
  • On Site Property Evaluation

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Lawn Maintenance

ESNA provides a comprehensive and cost effective range of services covering all aspects of landscaping maintenance. Good maintenance is the best way to ensure full impact and value from your initial landscape investment. With our proactive approach to landscape maintenance, you can be assured that your investment is well protected. We will work with you to review all aspects of your landscape investment. We will not only consider how to improve your property, but how to control costs as well. Our full range of landscape maintenance services include:

  • Complete Turf Maintenance
  • Lawn Fertilization
  • Turf Core Aeration
  • Irrigation System Maintenance
  • Spring & Fall Cleanups
  • Annual Flower Design & Installation
  • Consulting
  • Tree & Shrub Pruning
  • Complete Bed Maintenance – Mulching

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Snow Removal

ESNA offers the equipment, expertise and experience to handle all of your snow removal needs. The snow removal fleet consists of pickups, pay loaders, snow blowers and dump trucks.

We know that snow and ice removal can be complicated by a combination of factors: rate of accumulation, moisture, content, temperature, wind velocity and storm duration. ESNA offers a comprehensive program necessary to keep your business promptly serviced throughout the winter season. Our services include:

Plowing and Walkway Services:

  • Yearly Plowing price
  • Per Push price
  • Walkway Price

De-Icing Services:

  • De-Icing Application (Salt, Calcium Chloride, liquid)
  • Partial or Salt Application

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Parking Lot Sweeping

ESNA will provide you with unsurpassed quality and customized sweeping services to fit your needs. We will put an end to messy trash and dirt buildup on the outside of your business. Our professional parking lot sweeping & cleaning service is designed to get your business clean and keep it that way. We utilize various types of late model equipment.

All sweepers use dust reducing water spray systems for ample dust control. Put our ideas and professional experience to work!

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Power Washing

ESNA offers power-washing services that will keep your walkways, driveways and parking areas looking clean and welcoming. We put water under pressure up to 3,000 psi and temperatures up to 220 degrees. We use only biodegradable detergents that are environmentally friendly and can clean dirt away in seconds without damaging the surface.

Most of our service can be done off hours when public traffic is minimal. Create a safer environment for your employees and customers by keeping grease and grime from your business. We clean surfaces such as:

  • Entryways
  • Driveways
  • Stairways
  • Parking Structures
  • Loading Docks
  • Trash Areas
  • Fire Damaged Areas
  • Signs
  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Statues and Monuments

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